Artificial Turf

We have a wide range of artificial turf that matches our clients’ needs for different purposes and applications, including sports lawns for football, paddle ball, tennis and more.

ADVANTAGES OF ARTIFICIAL TURF VERSUS NATURAL LAWNS. For people who do not have the time to care for a natural lawn, artificial turf may be the solution because it requires little care so they can spend their time on what matters to them the most. The enormous savings that come with an artificial turf include not needing to water it, not having to neither fertilise nor mow it and not having to worry about weed removal. It is a totally different choice from natural lawns.

You can choose from different lengths of grass, different colours, tones, etc.

Choose the one you like the best and we will install it for you!



This is the leading state-of-the-art lawn. It is the most advanced artificial turf in the world. This product uses a two-toned, extra-dense polyethylene fibre which is then given a second fibre and polyamide which not only fills in the lawn itself (DOES NOT REQUIRE SAND OR OTHER ACCESSORIES) but also gives it a moist, cushioned feel. It is a unique product we are pleased to make available to you.


  • Use: Gardens, terraces, fairs, hotels, sports, etc. 
  • Type: Short-pile tufting
  • Characteristics of the yarn: Micromonofilament + Second curly fibre Flat polyethylene strip 14,000 denier + Second UV-stabilised polyamide fibre.
  • Colour: Dual-colour green + beige polyamide fibre
  • Primary backing: Polypropylene fibre with acrylic fibre veil. 164 gr/m2
  • Secondary backing: Latex +/- 1,000 gr/m2
  • Tufting Gauge: 5/16"
  • Stitch Rate: 16 x 10 CM
  • No. of stitches/m2: 22,105 / m2. (Approx.)
  • Pile height: 38 mm. (Approx.)
  • Total height: 40 mm. (Approx.)
  • Pile weight (gr/m2):