Pruning Rosales

The roses should be pruned at least once a year . This is because new roses flower buds on year . March is the right month to prune roses when the frosts have finished . This pruning can be completed in November , making another pruning to remove any dead wood and dead flowers .We remove the dead wood and suckers , twigs little vigorosasy the crecenenmaraƱados.Conservaremos ramosque losramos sanosque have a similar effect to give some harmony . These must be directed towards the outside of the plant. It is advisable to prune bevel a few meters from the yolk and opposite inclination to avoid the water flow over her.Pruning based on the type of roseRosales and scrub type that conserve miniaturaHay 3-7 main branches. We will give preference to young shoots and remove woody . Posaremos leaving 3-5 buds, or what is the same , about 15 or 20 cm. Will clear the center of the shrub.climbing rosesWe must keep between 3 and 5 branches, which will form the armor. Then cut off the buds laretales leaving about 40 cm.Annual Climbing roses bloomRetain between 6 and 7 main branches and side branches will have leaving two buds.old RosalesThese roses should not be pruned systematically. What you need to do is remove dead branches or are entangling the structure.Rosales and shrub roses rastrerosEstos we'll have to prune from the third or fourth year standing if any . Prune its branches every 3 years..