Since we started growing ornamental plants in greenhouses and outdoors, we realised that there were a series of organisms that negatively affected our crops and the rest of the plants, so I started to study the fungi that cause plant diseases (phytopathogens). Nearly 40 years have passed since that beginning and since then I have been able to become an expert in the knowledge of the fungi that cause these diseases, knowing the mechanisms they use to enter the plants and the symptoms they cause, thus being able to help to prevent them from happening and to cure them. Join the research group “Interdisciplinary Ecology Group, Universitat de les Illes Balears”. For the diagnosis of diseases we take advantage of the most widely used molecular biology techniques that allow us to have a more accurate diagnosis. In order to provide some information, we have decided to create this section, which we will continually fill with information on plant diseases that may be of interest.

Urban Sardiniella

Urban Sardiniella Celtis australis Linaldeddu, Alves & Philips Almez, Lledoner Botryosphaeriaceae, Botryosphaeriales, Dothideomycetes SYMPTOMS Chlorosis of the leaves and leaf dwarfing are the first symptoms

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