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A green roof is a constructive installation that has a vegetation cover on top of soil or substrate and is specially conceived to mitigate the effects of urban growth and at the same time as an aesthetic element.

Green roofs help mitigate phenomena such as heat island and the greenhouse effect.

These works help retain rainwater and help reduce air pollution, as the covers act like sponges and trap dust and ash particles while releasing oxygen.

An important fact about roofs is that they ration the energy consumption of buildings. By absorbing heat, plants regulate the internal temperature of the infrastructure.


We are experts in palm tree pruning in Mallorca and we offer high pruning. Currently, palm tree pruning is applied for safety, cleanliness, aesthetics and health reasons. In the wild the palm tree does not need pruning to live, but when introduced in our parks and gardens they require regular maintenance. The more green leaves the palm tree maintains, the more photosynthetic capacity it has and therefore the greater the production of nutrients.



In the Phoenix cannariensis and Phoenix dactylifera varieties, we use a palm tree blade to shave the trunk and cut the leaves and leave them in the shape of a balloon. In Washingtonias we do ring pruning. Our work is a clean and professional job with climbing techniques without damaging the palm trees. We have a service of removal of pruning and felling debris to the composting or incineration plant following the protocol of the Conselleria de Medi Ambient in case the palm tree is affected by red palm weevil.

For safety reasons in public places, removing bunches, leaves and dry parts.
For reasons of cleaning public spaces of the detached debris.
For purely visual ornamental reasons.
For health reasons in sick specimens.


Formative pruning: It is carried out during the first years of the tree’s life and consists of creating an adequate structure of main branches to facilitate its growth.

Maintenance pruning: The purpose of this pruning is to correct defects caused by the vegetative development of the tree and to maintain the chosen pruning system, as well as to regulate production and favor illumination. When the guidelines for training pruning are followed and the defects caused by vegetative development are corrected, pruning remains a simple thinning of branches whose intensity will depend on light problems and production.

Pruning of specimen trees: selective pruning of dead branches, diseased branches that cannot be recovered and poorly oriented branches or branches that compete for the same space.

The density and/or weight of the cup is reduced.

To increase the penetration of light and air into the glass.

Make the tree offer less wind resistance.

Pruning of trees that pose some type of risk.

Pruning at height: we can find pruning with lifting platform and pruning with climbing.
Our professionals are trained to do both the work with the elevating platform and the latest in climbing systems. In all cases our security measures are very demanding because the safety of both our employees and our customers comes first.

We have a cleaning and pick-up service.


Tenemos amplia experiencia en la tala de cualquier tipo de árbol y de distintas alturas y dificultades diversas. Siempre actuando con los permisos necesarios para dichas talas..


Eliminamos los tocones resultantes de podas y todas aquellas raíces que puedan ocasionar algún tipo de perjuicio..

Always with the means of security required in each case.


When for various reasons there is not enough time to plant a lawn by seeding the land, a good solution is the planting of sods, pieces of grass of approximately 1 m2 with a good root system cut in a rectangular shape, which placed on the prepared land and with proper irrigation control will have a spectacular lawn in a short space of time.

We have the varieties of grass that are best suited to our islands

Paspalum vaginatum

Species very adapted to warm climates and adapted to drought, ideal for low maintenance areas.
Species of difficult implantation.
Very powerful and deep root system.
It resists salinity, poor soils, is not demanding in terms of water, recovering easily, nor fertilizers.
Tolerates shade and trampling.
Like all C4 species, it presents a loss of color due to winter dormancy, but less pronounced than in most of these species, showing itself below 3-4ºC.
The recommended cutting height is slightly high, between 5-8cm.


It is a creeping herb that can reach 40 cm in height, widely used in warm and temperate climates around the world, between 30° south and 30° north latitude, for its adaptation to high temperatures and associated with water saving. It is one of the species that is evolving the most, finding varieties that focus mainly on improving its leaf fineness and delaying its entry into vegetative rest.
It thrives from sea level to 2200 meters above sea level. It is fast growing, being popular and used in sports fields, it recovers quickly when damaged.


It forms a grass of good density, with a medium leaf texture, between 3 and 13 mm wide.
Highly adapted to difficult conditions, poor soils, poorly drained, clayey textures.
It tolerates drought, entering a state of dormancy with the lack of water, although in times of maximum demand, to maintain an optimal state needs good irrigations.very resistant to trampling and activities carried out on it, with few maintenance needs.perfectly tolerates both high and low temperatures.relatively tolerant of salinity and is not at all demanding in terms of phytosanitary treatments…


We have a wide range of artificial turf suitable for the needs of our customers, for different uses and applications. Sports lawnmowers for soccer, paddle, tennis etc…


For those who do not have time for the maintenance of a natural lawn, as it needs little care, you can spend your time on what matters most to you. Artificial turf saves a lot of water, you won’t have to fertilize or mow it, you won’t have to eliminate weeds. It is a completely different option to natural grass…

You can choose between different lengths of turf, different color, shade, etc…

Choose the one you like and we will install it for you.

Endotherapy is an alternative method of phytosanitary treatment of urban trees with low environmental impact. The system consists of injecting a nutritive or phytosanitary substance into the trunk, which is translocated through the xylem towards the apex of the plant. This plant treatment has advantages over traditional aerial treatments, including the absence of nebulization or atomization of chemical products in the environment and its harmlessness for the health of people (citizens and applicators). In addition, treatment can be focused, thus avoiding indiscriminate treatments. The application of phytosanitary products is a practice for the control of numerous pests and plant diseases. The objective of the treatment is to prevent and eradicate pests and thus help trees and plants to cope with the pests that affect them.

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