Natural grass


When for various reasons there is not enough time to plant a lawn by seeding the land, a good solution is the planting of sods, pieces of grass of approximately 1 m2 with a good root system cut in a rectangular shape, which placed on the prepared land and with proper irrigation control will have a spectacular lawn in a short space of time.

We have the varieties of grass that are best suited to our islands

Paspalum vaginatum

Species very adapted to warm climates and adapted to drought, ideal for low maintenance areas.
Species of difficult implantation.
Very powerful and deep root system.
It resists salinity, poor soils, is not demanding in terms of water, recovering easily, nor fertilizers.
Tolerates shade and trampling.
Like all C4 species, it presents a loss of color due to winter dormancy, but less pronounced than in most of these species, showing itself below 3-4ºC.
The recommended cutting height is slightly high, between 5-8cm.


It is a creeping herb that can reach 40 cm in height, widely used in warm and temperate climates around the world, between 30° south and 30° north latitude, for its adaptation to high temperatures and associated with water saving. It is one of the species that is evolving the most, finding varieties that focus mainly on improving its leaf fineness and delaying its entry into vegetative rest.
It thrives from sea level to 2200 meters above sea level. It is fast growing, being popular and used in sports fields, it recovers quickly when damaged.


It forms a grass of good density, with a medium leaf texture, between 3 and 13 mm wide.
Highly adapted to difficult conditions, poor soils, poorly drained, clayey textures.
It tolerates drought, entering a state of dormancy with the lack of water, although in times of maximum demand, to maintain an optimal state needs good irrigations.very resistant to trampling and activities carried out on it, with few maintenance needs.perfectly tolerates both high and low temperatures.relatively tolerant of salinity and is not at all demanding in terms of phytosanitary treatments…

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