Pruning and felling


Formative pruning: It is carried out during the first years of the tree’s life and consists of creating an adequate structure of main branches to facilitate its growth.

Maintenance pruning: The purpose of this pruning is to correct defects caused by the vegetative development of the tree and to maintain the chosen pruning system, as well as to regulate production and favor illumination. When the guidelines for training pruning are followed and the defects caused by vegetative development are corrected, pruning remains a simple thinning of branches whose intensity will depend on light problems and production.

Pruning of specimen trees: selective pruning of dead branches, diseased branches that cannot be recovered and poorly oriented branches or branches that compete for the same space.

The density and/or weight of the cup is reduced.

To increase the penetration of light and air into the glass.

Make the tree offer less wind resistance.

Pruning of trees that pose some type of risk.

Pruning at height: we can find pruning with lifting platform and pruning with climbing.
Our professionals are trained to do both the work with the elevating platform and the latest in climbing systems. In all cases our security measures are very demanding because the safety of both our employees and our customers comes first.

We have a cleaning and pick-up service.


Tenemos amplia experiencia en la tala de cualquier tipo de árbol y de distintas alturas y dificultades diversas. Siempre actuando con los permisos necesarios para dichas talas..


Eliminamos los tocones resultantes de podas y todas aquellas raíces que puedan ocasionar algún tipo de perjuicio..

Always with the means of security required in each case.

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